Episode 19 – Sunny Side Up Coffee Company

Episode 19 – Sunny Side Up Coffee Company

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Standing In Fire E19
In which Tess, Militus, and Boom talk about Moments of Zen, Revenge of the Nerds, and a GREAT new coffee shop idea. Join us and call in at 702-625-1337 or tweet us @sifpodcast!

Links Discussed:
Sylvanas is sick of it: https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/a31jzh/sylvanas_is_sick_of_this_shit/
Darkmoon Faire Dungeon Idea: https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/a2ssny/darkmoon_faire_dungeon_would_be_fun/
First G’huun Kill: https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/a2ig2c/our_guild_finally_killed_ghuun/
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Segment 1: Moments of Zen
Tess – I was top of the DPS meter! Still got it. And I’m SO EXCITED for the 11th!! That’s the last night I have “Holiday Night” work hours, so starting on the 12th, I finally get to play again!! Just in time for new content!

Militus – Running a dungeon with Boom, Nick, and Tess was awesome, especially when I was literally chastising the shadow priest and hoping for a mob to kill them. Bahahaha. I actually ran a Mythic plus for the first time in MONTHS! It was… okay.

Boom -. When 4 of us played some low level dungeons together and the one pug had to deal with our pace. Also when Militus tanked as a monk and was just pulling everything everywhere and I couldn’t keep up with where he was at.
Segment 1: News/Topic
Boom’s Son has all but given up on WoW. The attempt to bring in the younger generation wasn’t successful.

Story 1. Wrath Time Walking this week! Yay!

Story 2. Item level increases in Tides of Vengeance.

Story 3. Boom’s wallet is NOT happy. 🙁

Boom – Actually Boom’s wallet is getting fatter because the further it drops the more I buy. This is like the ultimate sale. I am going to double down soon.

1. Sylvanas is sick of this shit by Ewizaboof
Watch this video… LMAO!

Sylvanas is sick of this shit from wow

2. Darkmoon Faire Dungeon would be fun by Pipedown53
What if they added a dungeon that was only open during Darkmoon Faire?
It could be in the style of a fun house and the bosses would drop Prize tickets, Toys, Pets, and Mounts instead of gear. Just something really random and fun.
Militus: Think Protogrames Dungeon from Wildstar! It could be goofy and fun.
Tess: Or the Carnival zone from Secret World! OR the Acquisitions Incorporated Broken Faire ride quest from Neverwinter!
3. Our guild finally killed G’huun posted by reicha7
Our guild is not a raiding guild but we’ve always had a small number of folks who want to do raids so have been steadily clearing Normal Uldir these last few months. We had always hit a brick wall with Mythrax only managing to kill him once a few weeks ago but tonight was different.

Despite starting our raid late and having a few inexperienced members we managed to stomp through the first 7 bosses with no wipes and got to G’huun with 45 minutes left on our time for the night. Half our group had never even seen the boss (not even LFR), our comp was not great for orb running and we had no warlock.

Despite all this, the guys and gals managed to bring the big worm down on our 5th pull with some awesome first-time orb runners really giving it their all and all 15 of us survived the whole fight.

I know at this point it doesn’t seem like much to down him on normal but we are not all big raiders (a few of us do pug runs of normal and hc) and as a guild we have never really been able to down any boss at current content (combination of low numbers and general struggles with the fights) but this time we were determined to do it and did.

As our raid leader, I am just super happy with my guild and wanted to share it 🙂
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