Episode 21 – Our Muffins Might Make You Uncomfortable

Episode 21 – Our Muffins Might Make You Uncomfortable

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Standing In Fire E21 – Happy Holidays to all!
In which Tess, Militus, and Boom discuss Invasions, muffins, Moments of Zen, muffins, news, muffins, and the death of HoTS. Oh, and muffins. Join us and call in at 702-625-1337 or tweet us @sifpodcast!

Links Discussed:
Muffin Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gt_-QeXT92o
HiveMind mount: https://www.wowhead.com/news=289124/hivemind-secret-mount-the-hunt-is-over
Vulpine Familar: https://us.shop.battle.net/en-us/product/world-of-warcraft-mount-vulpine-familiar
Azerite armor system in 8.2: https://www.wowhead.com/news=289210/liveblog-of-the-dec-14th-battle-for-azeroth-q-a-with-ion-hazzikostas#highlights
Heroes of the Storm dead: https://www.polygon.com/2018/12/14/18141331/heroes-of-the-storm-canceled-hgc-blizzard-community
New Hunter Pet?: https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/a7a5ow/started_laughing_when_i_saw_this_with_tears/
Grizzly Hills music cover on the viola da gamba: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVJOejUOGYA&feature=youtu.be
Warcraft Theatre?: https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/a7nc5d/my_school_is_putting_on_a_play/

Oatmeal Muffin Day

Date When Celebrated : Always December 19
Oatmeal Muffin Day is today. Enjoy the cholesterol lowering benefit of oatmeal in your muffins today. That’s great news… eating something that tastes good, and is also healthy to you.
This special day is not steeped in tradition. To the contrary, we have found no information about this day. But, it is clear to us, that eating oatmeal muffins will fulfill the objective of this day. Of course, baking the muffins yourself, adds to the enjoyment and pleasure of this day.
Have a couple of oatmeal muffins, and have a Happy Oatmeal Muffin Day!!!
Boom refuses to drink Eggnog until his Blizzard stock starts going up again. He is on strike.

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Segment 1: Moments of Zen
Tess – I love the new “invasions”. They’re really fun and give pretty good loot!! This is the type of content I enjoy.

Militus – One word… or acronym? PvP! Militus went full warmode this past week! 1. Camped tortolian WQ… made assassin 2. Disc vs. Disc 3. Militus trolled the shit out of some Horde! Bahaha.

Boom -. I did the 2 weeks of 14 hour days. Didn’t have much time to play anything at all. I asked for an Xbox for Christmas and I am pretty sure I am getting one. So that is cool. Leading up to Christmas I am going to do a short vacation and unplug for a few days. No phone, computer or games.
Segment 2: News/Topic
Story 1. This week’s events:
Weekly: Complete 4 Mythic dungeons and get a piece of Uldir Heroic loot, World Boss is The Matriarc (Jirak over in Zuldazar), watch for invasions on WoWhead (the give great caches and 7th legion service medals), and feast of Winter Veil (go save Metzen).

Story 2. HiveMind mount solved! See the link for a preview:

Story 3. NA realms, Alliance have control of Darkshore warfront and NEW WORLD BOSS.

Story 4. New cash-shop mount: Vulpine Familar

Story 5. Blizzard shit-cans the Azerite armor system in 8.2. This is HUGE!

Story 6. Blizzard shit-cans Heroes of the Storm. 🙁 (implications for Wow)
Militus – I am torn. Part of me want to give a middle finger to Blizz, the other part of me wants to open up my wallet so the same thing does not happen to WoW. 🙁
Started laughing when I saw this.. with tears. Posted by RainbowX1

2. Grizzly Hills music cover on the viola da gamba posted by thegambagbageek

3. My school is putting on a play Posted by Twas_Inevitable

Segment 4: WoW Christmas list
If you could have one DESIGN-CHANGE-GIFT from the developers of WoW, what would it be:
Tess – Valor back. It would reinvigorate dungeons while letting people work towards getting the loot they want. Basically, I need a way to work towards something that, while slow, gives me a carrot.

Militus – Slower loot progression. I want to again love the items I work so hard to acquire.

Boom -. Yearly expansions so content drops quicker (Honestly I don’t see why they can’t do this already). More Dungeons, More Raids, Old Dungeons and Raids all bumped to max level content that you can que anytime. I want to random que for a dungeon and get any dungeon in the game.
End of show Credits
Militus – Shout out to Byjaxx for joining me in raid and listening to the podcasts! He was a fan of the ding-a-ling episode. Bahaha.

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Episode 20 – Patch 8.1 for Ding-A-Lings

Episode 20 – Patch 8.1 for Ding-A-Lings

00:00 / 1:08:30

Standing In Fire E20
In which Tess, Militus, and Boom discuss the 8.1 release, ding-a-lings, filthy Horde marriage proposals, . Join us and call in at 702-625-1337 or tweet us @sifpodcast!

Links Discussed:
Artifact Knowledge Woes: https://www.wowhead.com/news=289158/artifact-knowledge-should-continue-next-week
Updated: Blue Post:
Darkshore Warfront preview: https://www.mmo-champion.com/content/8174-Darkshore-Warfront-Preview-Patch-8-1
8.1 cinematic video trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGANQad7Q1U
Thematic Armor Transmog: https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/a5hgqj/thank_you_blizzard_for_finally_giving_us/
Map Darkshore Rares 8.1: https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/a5i8j4/map_darkshore_rares_81_updated/
Horde/Alliance Proposal: ttps://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/a5837z/so_i_proposed_to_my_lovely_horde_filth_with_a/


Date When Celebrated : Always December 12
Today is National Ding-a-Ling Day, a very special day to “Ring your Bell”. Nope, we’re not talking about the Salvation Army Bell Ringers, standing with their bells and kettles, outside of every store in the country. On National Ding-a-Ling Day, you should brace yourself for bizarre and crazy behavior, from all of the people you encounter today. Even normally conservative people have been known to go a little crazy on this day.
Some people say this is a day for wackos, lunatics, and others who are off their rocker. We say, it is simply a day to cut loose, act a little weird.
What do you do to celebrate this day? Be ever vigilant to the ding-a-lings that will come out of the woodwork. Ding-a-Lings will be everywhere: on the road, on the street, in stores, and even in your house! We suggest you get into the holiday spirit, and become a ding-a-ling yourself……But, please do so for just one day.
For the record: Ding-a-Lings and Ding Bats are not quite the same thing.

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Segment 1: Moments of Zen
Tess – The new war campaign quest was fun, but I struggled with the beginning since EVERY DAMN BLIZZARD GAME ON MY UPLOADER had to perform an update and my “streaming” updating stalled out until they all did. I wasn’t getting quest givers to spawn, complete, etc, so I logged for a bit until I got everything else DLed and it worked fine again. THEN I ran the intro the Darkshore Warfront and it was soooo cool. I can’t wait to play it.

Militus – Pleasantly surprised at the nerfs to Disc, I performed less, but not as drastically as I thought. So… I guess I am sort of happy.

Boom -. I played Forza Horizon 4!
Segment 1: News/Topic
Story 1. Artifact Knowledge Woes (this week it did not reduce like previous weeks)

Updated: Blizzard suspends the weekly decrease until Jan. 22. OMG.

Story 2. Darkshore Warfront is live. See the link for a preview:

Story 3. 8.1 cinematic video trailer

1. Thank you, Blizzard, for finally giving us thematically appropriate sets! I waited weeks, but this is my new favourite! by TheGreatMalagan (dwarf heritage armor included… looks very cool)

2. Map Darkshore Rares 8.1 UPDATED by CronoTS

3. So I proposed to my lovely Horde filth with a quest. She said Yes!
posted by Frendin

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Episode 19 – Sunny Side Up Coffee Company

Episode 19 – Sunny Side Up Coffee Company

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Standing In Fire E19
In which Tess, Militus, and Boom talk about Moments of Zen, Revenge of the Nerds, and a GREAT new coffee shop idea. Join us and call in at 702-625-1337 or tweet us @sifpodcast!

Links Discussed:
Sylvanas is sick of it: https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/a31jzh/sylvanas_is_sick_of_this_shit/
Darkmoon Faire Dungeon Idea: https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/a2ssny/darkmoon_faire_dungeon_would_be_fun/
First G’huun Kill: https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/a2ig2c/our_guild_finally_killed_ghuun/
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Segment 1: Moments of Zen
Tess – I was top of the DPS meter! Still got it. And I’m SO EXCITED for the 11th!! That’s the last night I have “Holiday Night” work hours, so starting on the 12th, I finally get to play again!! Just in time for new content!

Militus – Running a dungeon with Boom, Nick, and Tess was awesome, especially when I was literally chastising the shadow priest and hoping for a mob to kill them. Bahahaha. I actually ran a Mythic plus for the first time in MONTHS! It was… okay.

Boom -. When 4 of us played some low level dungeons together and the one pug had to deal with our pace. Also when Militus tanked as a monk and was just pulling everything everywhere and I couldn’t keep up with where he was at.
Segment 1: News/Topic
Boom’s Son has all but given up on WoW. The attempt to bring in the younger generation wasn’t successful.

Story 1. Wrath Time Walking this week! Yay!

Story 2. Item level increases in Tides of Vengeance.

Story 3. Boom’s wallet is NOT happy. 🙁

Boom – Actually Boom’s wallet is getting fatter because the further it drops the more I buy. This is like the ultimate sale. I am going to double down soon.

1. Sylvanas is sick of this shit by Ewizaboof
Watch this video… LMAO!

Sylvanas is sick of this shit from wow

2. Darkmoon Faire Dungeon would be fun by Pipedown53
What if they added a dungeon that was only open during Darkmoon Faire?
It could be in the style of a fun house and the bosses would drop Prize tickets, Toys, Pets, and Mounts instead of gear. Just something really random and fun.
Militus: Think Protogrames Dungeon from Wildstar! It could be goofy and fun.
Tess: Or the Carnival zone from Secret World! OR the Acquisitions Incorporated Broken Faire ride quest from Neverwinter!
3. Our guild finally killed G’huun posted by reicha7
Our guild is not a raiding guild but we’ve always had a small number of folks who want to do raids so have been steadily clearing Normal Uldir these last few months. We had always hit a brick wall with Mythrax only managing to kill him once a few weeks ago but tonight was different.

Despite starting our raid late and having a few inexperienced members we managed to stomp through the first 7 bosses with no wipes and got to G’huun with 45 minutes left on our time for the night. Half our group had never even seen the boss (not even LFR), our comp was not great for orb running and we had no warlock.

Despite all this, the guys and gals managed to bring the big worm down on our 5th pull with some awesome first-time orb runners really giving it their all and all 15 of us survived the whole fight.

I know at this point it doesn’t seem like much to down him on normal but we are not all big raiders (a few of us do pug runs of normal and hc) and as a guild we have never really been able to down any boss at current content (combination of low numbers and general struggles with the fights) but this time we were determined to do it and did.

As our raid leader, I am just super happy with my guild and wanted to share it 🙂
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Episode 14 Diablo the Next Big eSport?

Episode 14 Diablo the Next Big eSport?

00:00 / 1:23:52

Standing In Fire E14
In which Tess, Militus, and Boom discuss Blizzcon, eSports, and changes to the Azerite Armor system in 8.1. Join us and call in at 702-625-1337 or tweet us @sifpodcast!

Links Discussed:
Mythic +’s Azurite armor: https://www.wowhead.com/news=288123/patch-8-1-ptr-build-28202-azerite-impurity-vendor-for-dungeon-azerite-armor
Leaked Maps: https://www.wowhead.com/news=288116/patch-8-1-ptr-build-28202-maps-for-battle-of-dazaralor
Preach’s video discussing the raid: https://youtu.be/7DndJ1oz1b4
Demo is Time-Locked: https://www.wowhead.com/news=288118/wow-classic-blizzcon-demo-pre-download-available-starting-today
Save Doubloons: https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/9qwruh/start_saving_doubloons_cause_they_are_currency/
Amazing People: https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/9qw249/amazing_people/
WoD Rep?: https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/9r1olj/laughing_skull_and_warlords_of_draenor/

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Hot Topic: Mythic Dungeon Invitational and Blizzards Move to be an eSport Powerhouse
What do you think about eSports moving in on all Blizzard does? Seems like all games must have an eSport element. Is Blizzard becoming an eSport developer instead of a game developer? Will all future games from Blizzard be built around them being first and foremost an eSport?

Overwatch – Created as an eSport
Heroes of the Storm – created as eSport trying to capture some of that LoL market, then shifted to its own style.
Starcraft 2 – Created as game organically turned into an eSport powerhouse – spawned LoL
Hearthstone – created as and is an eSport powerhouse
World of Warcraft – eSports has always been in the background all recent moves have been to make it a relevant eSport.
Diablo 3 – Not really an eSport

Boom – Prediction: Diablo will be an eSport soon.

It feels like Blizzard is moving towards everything being an eSport in some capacity. It feels as if they are chasing the eSport carrot after LoL had so much success. Twitch is pretty much dominated by multiplayer competitive titles. And the ones that make it to mobile make the most money. The biggest games right now are eSport titles and that seems to be what they are moving towards. Is Blizzard now out to make the best eSport games or the games that people enjoy playing the most. It isn’t good or bad, it just is. And they are getting away from their MMO roots now and are headed towards mostly multiplayer competitive titles.

World of Warcraft has taken the best part of their game and turned it into a timed test (like a timed math test in grade school). It is no longer relaxing, immersive fun, it is stressful competitive play. I am not making a judgment, because it might be great for many gamers. It just isn’t why I played WoW originally.

Segment 1: News/Topic
What do you think about running Mythic +’s for Azurite armor?
Militus – I am not motivated to run more… think of all the people that ARE NOT SKILLED and NOW WILL BE RUNNING these dungeons

Looks like we are in for a great time!
Militus – The new raid looks really good. I have read where Preach and other high end raiders have LOVED the testing.

Preach’s video discussing the raid: https://youtu.be/7DndJ1oz1b4

Boom – They are going to limit how long you get to play the demo. I thought that was interesting. I guess to prevent burnout?
Militus- I find this to be dishonest by Blizzard.

Segment 2: Moments of Zen
Tess –

Militus –
Raiding with Nick, Tess and Militus was amazing! Seeing Tess tanking like a pro!
Pro Tip: Do not turn on Warmode and try and turn in Weekly dungeon quest in Timeless isle.
Taking a break from daily WoW to play different games has been wonderful. LAN parties in 2018!

Boom – Raiding with Nick, Tess and Militus was really a great time. We downed 5 bosses in two hours and I was able to get two pieces of 370 loot which made my night.

Thank God for Destiny 2, if it wasn’t for this game I might have to read a book or something. Destiny 2 is on a freaking roll. Forsaken is really good. This is my favorite game this year by a long shot, and maybe my favorite game of the last two years. Amazingly enough there is more to do in this game right now than in the entire WoW BFA expansion. I will have more hours in on this to finish than BFA to date. I am level 34 the Infinite Forest is amazing. The PVE content is wonderful and you always feel like you are making progress and having an epic moment. It is a 10/10 for me.

Posted by u/Krainz
Start saving doubloons cause they are currency for pets, toys, mog and a seahorse mount

Posted by u/Lordbobsaget
Amazing People

Posted by u/facepoundr
Laughing Skull and Warlords of Draenor Reputations have been Fixed on PTR
Militus – Why might Blizz be fixing WoD rep? WoD TW incoming?

Tess Shout Outs:
Militus Shout Outs: Shout out to Ludsh Death Knight on Illidan server. Go FUCK yourself, dirtbag.
Boom shout Outs:

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