Episode 22 – Play God Day Turns into Mushrooms and WoW Talk

Episode 22 – Play God Day Turns into Mushrooms and WoW Talk

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Standing In Fire E22 – Happy New Year to all!
In which Tess, Militus, and Boom discuss

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Origin of Play God Day:
Our research did not discover the origin or the creator of Play God Day.
We found numerous Ecard companies and calendars sites with this special day. But, we did not find a single site with any factual information about this day.
No show next week! Militus is heading out on a great quest to the land of Texas. Bahahaha.

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Text us. They can text us. This whole time I had been thinking people should call, but nobody does that. They can just text us!

The text from this week: You got xans bro ? I boutght the vapor ax’s from you and yu has xans
They didn’t leave a name or anything and I am not sure what he was texting about.

We have a call this week.

Segment 1: Moments of Zen
Tess – I’m actually getting pretty close to getting my ring! Stuck on time, though, so I might not get it for another month yet.

Militus – My brand new mount from Tess! I love it! Also been enjoying the Darkshore WQ and invasions.

Boom -. I too came home from a brand new mount from Tess. And then I got a new cool gear from Militus which was super nice. Boom got an Xbox! And a year of GamePass. And once Microsoft acquires Blizzard I will get to play all of their games with GamePass and it is going to be great. And they added mouse and keyboard support to the Xbox now and so in theory just about every game can run on there now. One day I won’t have to build another freaking computer.

Segment 2: News/Topic
Story 1. Stan Lee tribute added to the game

Story 2. Kultirans and Zandalari allied races on 7.1.5 ptr

Story 3. No King Shall rule forever article. Looking at 10 years since the Blizzard Activision merger. TESS HAS A COMMENT HERE

Blizzard Entertainment’s Fall from Grace

Story 4. Blizzard cutting cost in Europe, buyouts for over 100 employees. https://kotaku.com/with-activisions-influence-growing-blizzard-is-cutting-1831263741

Story 5. WowHeads Top 10 mounts of WoW for 2018

We have to cut Seg 3 for time. No problem 🙂 – Mila

Sylvanas’ morality acceptance demonstration.. Posted by BanTheAdmin

2. For X-mas, my non-gamer Mother secretly asked my friends what my character looks like and had it made. Here is the result! posted by tvortexrap

3. I just witnessed a pharaoh parade in Ironforge. Merry Christmas! By Krainz
Boom and Tess will LOVE this Paladin’s display of multiboxing! https://gfycat.com/zealousincompletefrog

Segment 4: WoW 2018 Moments and Resolutions for 2019
What were a few of your EPIC moments of 2018? What are your 2019 WoW resolutions?
Tess – EPIC: that we were so inspired by bfa to bring the cast back
RESOLUTION: play more
Militus – EPIC: The launch of BfA. So many friends showed back up. Made me very happy!
RESOLUTION: To make small goals, NOT related to ilevel of loot progression. Reps, low-drop mounts, warmode PvP, and social gatherings in Wow.
Boom – Epic: Launch of BFA
Resolution: Try and raid more frequently and consistently in WoW.

End of show Credits
Militus – Shout out to the WoW community and in particular all the friends I have made over the years playing games (not just WoW).

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